Chuo City is like a museum of its own, full of places of scenic beauty and historic interest, galleries, museums and waterfront.

MARUGOTO MUSEUM is a one-day event where you can taste the charms of Chuo City.

Board a boat and a bus which are running in the city free of charge and make your day by joining cultural events and visiting cultural facilities.

Please visit and enjoy!

Events in Chuo City Marugoto Museum 2019

Events with * mark require pre-registration.

Events Organisers
“HIROYUKI DOI Pen & Art 2019 Art Making Workshop”
led by Hiroyuki Doi and Yoshiko Otsuka. *
Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International
Walking around the town tour : Let’s walk around “Tsukiji Foreign Settlement in Meiji era” (in English) * NPO Tsukiji Foreign Settlement Historical Society