Chuo City is like a museum of its own, full of places of scenic beauty and historic interest, galleries, museums and waterfront.

MARUGOTO MUSEUM 2020 is a one-day event where you can taste the charms of Chuo City.

Take a walk around the city and make your day by joining cultural events and visiting cultural facilities.

Please visit and enjoy!

Events in Chuo City Marugoto Museum 2020

Events with * mark require pre-registration.

Events Organisers
“HIROYUKI DOI Pen & Art 2020 Art Making Workshop” led by Hiroyuki Doi and Yoshiko Otsuka“ * Yoshiko Otsuka Fine Art International
Walking Tour in Town: Let’s walk around “Tsukiji Foreign Settlement site” which is the origin of modern culture (in English) * NPO Tsukiji Foreign Settlement Historical Society