MARUGOTO MUSEUM Free Transport Service

Free buses and boats will be operated in order to tour the events and cultural facilities throughout Chuo City. The Edo Bus, Chuo City community bus, can also be used free of charge only on November 4th (Mon).


This free of charge bus service is operated only on 4th Nov. (Mon.)

Bus Guides (Volunteers from Chuo City Tourism Association) are introducing you to the scenic spots of the City on the bus.
※In case when the above guides are not on service, please accept such vacancy. This guiding service is only in Japanese.

●Running table The bus runs every 15 minutes.
The first bus Refer to the below diagram, the buses are operated according to it. Please allow small discrepancies.
●The last bus Those who are in a queue at the time pf 17:00 could get on the bus at each bus stop.

※Please check and ride on the Toei Buses marked with “MARUGOTO MUSEUM.

※There may be some changes on the running time and the routes due to the traffic situation on the day.

※A pet must be kept in a cage on the bus. A baby buggy must be fastened with an assistive belt in the car. Wheel chairs can be boarded up to two.


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※The first buses depart at 9:00am from #1 Hot plaza Harumi and #8 Higashi-Nihonbashi.
If you plan to move round via #1 Hot plaza Harumi, please change the buses one time.
(Hot plaza Harumi is the terminal stop, so, all the passengers have to get off anyway.)




This free of charge service is operated only on 4th Nov. (Mon.)

You could enjoy the attractive waterfront and the cityscape from the boat hearing River guide’s information.
※In case when the guides are not on service, please accept such vacancy.

(1) Nihonbashi Round Tour Route (Departing & Arriving at Nihonbashi Pier)
■Capacity: 25 to 44 persons ■Required time: 20 minutes
※Wearing a Life Vest is mandated.
※Boat operation is not on service from 11:10 to Noon, and 14:10 to 14:45 due to operation adjustment.
(2) Akashicho Round Tour Route (Departing & Arriving at Akashicho Pier)
■Capacity: 125 persons ■Required time: 30 minutes
(3) Hamacho (Hamacho Pier) to/from Harumi (Asashio Pier)
■Capacity: 52 to 138 persons ■Required time: 50 minutes (one way)
※Wearing a Life Vest is mandated. (elementary school students and younger)
(4) Nihonbashi (Nihonbashi Pier) to/from Harumi (Asashio Pier)
■Capacity: 40 to 44 persons ■Required time: 30 minutes (one way)
※Wearing a Life Vest is mandated. (depend on the type of boats)


Boarding Tickets

As to the Pier No. 2, 3, 4, the tickets are handed out about 30 minutes prior to the departure time.
The tickets for No. 3 and 4 are one-way tickets. Please ask for a returning ticket at each pier after disembarking, if you need. However, please note that the handing out the tickets you need may be closed down when you arrive there.

※The operation may be canceled due to a bad weather.

※The route may be changed due to rising of the tide level.

※When raining, you have to prepare rain gears in order to board the boat without a roof or the deck on the second floor. In addition, when the upper deck cannot be used due to the high tide and/or the bad weather the capacity of the boat shall be decreased accordingly.

※Wheel chairs are accepted by all the boats of Course 1, 12:55 and 13:55 boats of Course 2, and one or two boats every one hour of Course 4. Only two wheel chairs can be accepted by one boat.

※Pets are not allowed to aboard a boat.

※For your security, please follow the instructions of the staff on a boat.